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 The Nemeton Dearraich Grove OBOD Germany

 The Comardiia Druuidiacta Keltia



The Nemeton Dearraich Grove OBOD Germany

For as long as time can remember people in our region have been fascinated by the culture of our Celtic ancestors. From an early childhood age many of our members have discovered their own roots while spending their time outside. The landscape is full of ancient monuments. During the last 30 years archeologists have made numerous excavations and made the most astonishing discoveries, for example the Celtic Oppidum Glauberg, one of the most important early Celtic centres in Europe.

About 30 years ago a group of people met and founded a pagan circle. They were eager to know more and travelled to other Celtic countries such as Brittany, Ireland, and the British Isles to learn about our native Religion. During that time first contacts were made with other practitioners of druidism in Scotland and Brittany. In 1982 a pagan non profit organisation was founded by Volkert Volkmann. In 1996 Volkert started an OBOD seed group and in 2002 the Nemeton Dearraich became an official OBOD grove.

While our group has no leaders the organisation of meetings and the preparations for rituals is mostly done by four people in the OBOD Druid Grade. Everybody is actively involved in the rituals though. All participants should be able to speak freely from their heart without any written notes. We usually have live music as part of our rituals and sometimes long walks are required to reach the forest sites we use for our celebrations. Most rituals are open to members only.

Rituals are always open-air but the Nemeton has a specially prepared place for indoor meetings with a small smithy and a spiral shaped herbal garden attached. Our members mix their own essential oils, make drums, masks or carve Ogham sticks, God(dess) figures and other magical items.

Part of our mission is to enable people to experience our native religion during the cycle of the year and celebrate together with others. We have been doing so for more than 30 years. We have contributed to several music productions, resulting in the release of the cds “Runasöngr”, “Music of the Ogham Forest” (see OBOD audio course), “Edda” and “Heidentag Live”. 17 years ago we started a reforestation programme which has so far led to the planting of several thousand trees. We organize an open house every two years, the so called “Heidentag” (for more info go to “Heidentage” - in German). Visitors can see different art projects, listen to the music of our bards, experience a spiral labyrinth, lectures, meditations and a big autumn equinox ritual. We have also organized several Gabhar Teine fire walking rituals and Eisteddfods.

Visitors are welcome, please make an appointment.



The Comardiia Druuidiacta Keltia

In ancient times, sacred groves were sanctuaries and places of worship for our ancestors, the Celtic and Germanic people and their leaders the druids. The Comardiia Druuidiacta began its active phase 30 years ago. Our druidic teaching programme is based on traditional lore and includes theoretical as well as practical training. Our aim is to understand the inner self and nature and to give people the opportunity to develop their spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual potential.

Traditionally there are three grades of initiation: Bards, Vates and Druids. The Comardiia Druuidiacta in Germany organizes and celebrates the yearly seasonal festivals as given in the Mag Tured and Coligny calendar. We have had a tree planting programme for 20 years now and have planted thousands of trees and many tree circles of ash, elm and oak etc. We have regularly published our magazine ”Abraxas“ for 25 years now. The CD organizes many special events (rites of passage), Fire Cult Gabhar Teine ,workshops, seminars and weekly meetings. Some of our druids have already been invited to festivals and radio and TV shows as speakers for our traditional natural religion.

The Comardiia Druuidiacta and their Circle of Bards have a special Eisteddfod gathering every two years: A Celtic experimental field were all visitors can experience themes like archeology, Celtic philosophy and work with oghams and runes. Included in this field are harpers and other Celtic musicians, a mask theatre which invites the visitor to find out where he comes from and to find out what natural religion is about. The CD is a non profit organisation, officially registered and a member of KultURgeister, the german umbrella organization for our traditional natural religion.

Visitors from all places of the world are welcome.


Tel: 0049 - 6085 - 919932

Volkert Volkmann /I\  Mo-Fr 10-12







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